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    Changing the subfield separator on the Metadata Editor

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Alma


    Trying to change subfield separator in the Metadata Editor from Dollar sign ("$$") to a double dagger (‡‡) as explained in the presentation in the Customer Center.   The default representation of the subfield delimiter is $$ (two characters, referred to as double dollar or dollar dollar). 

    It is not possible to find the path for "All Mapping Tables", nor to find the "subfield_separator" variable.


    Access to "All Mapping Tables" is available for Ex Libris operators only.

    Please open a case with customer support so that the above-mentioned field is changed.

    Additional Information:

    Ramifications to Community Zone edits if site has double dagger (‡) set:
    *CZ records must use dollar dollar ($$)

    *May request a change to ‡ (one character, a double dagger)

    *Use F9 in CZ records to insert $$ if site subfield separator is different

    Category: Metadata editor - Alma

    Subject: Configuration - Alma

    • Article last edited: 15-AUG-2019 GJW