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Check should display as payment option in Circulation Desk

  • Product: Alma


How to display fine payment option other than "Cash", for fines/fees payment at the Circulation Desk? (e.g. add option for Check/Cheque, Debit or Credit card, and online)?


This is a Circulation Desk setup.

1. Go to: Fulfillment Configuration Menu
2. Change the "You are configuring" to the library level
3. Click: Circulation Desks
4. Click the Circulation Desk in question, e.g.: DEFAULT_CIRC_DESK
5. Under: “Payment Information”, select any options such as: Credit card, Debit card,
Check, etc.

6. Save, and change again the configuration to be at Institution level.

Additional Information

To change "Check" to "Cheque" see article Alma/Knowledge_Articles/Changing 'Check' to 'Cheque'.

For the Online Help, click here.

  • Article last edited: 2 August 2017