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    Common warnings / errors from offline circ

    • Product: Alma


    In preparation for running offline circulation in Alma, what are some common warnings / errors that are reported?


    Common messages found when clicking "View" to see the Job Report (with their respective real-life causes) include –
    • Item not found. Barcode: 1111111111 (the item’s barcode doesn’t match any current user)
    • User not found. Barcode: 2222222222 (the user's barcode doesn't match any current user. Common cause: a different user identifier was scanned into offline circ rather than the user’s Barcode.)
    • Return item failed, item was not on loan. Barcode: 3333333333 (no impact; this is recorded as an in-house loan)
    • A later action on this item happened. Barcode: 4444444444 (no impact; something has been done in Alma with the item since the offline circ run, so no action was taken by processing this item via offline circ upload)

    Additional Information

    It is most efficient to run these such that each file corresponds to a particular library circ desk, which the uploader should set as their “currently at” location before doing the upload.


    • Article last edited: 5/28/2014