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    Deleting an electronic collection leaves a descriptive bibliographic record

    • Product: Alma


    After deleting an electronic collection, why was the Community Zone (CZ) collection-level descriptive record not deleted, despite choosing the option to delete bibliographic records without inventory?


    If a PO Line is associated with the descriptive record for an electronic collection, the record will not be deleted. This can be seen by editing the record in the Metadata Editor and selecting "Delete." This gives a notice that the bibliographic record "cannot be deleted as it has associated PO-line(s)."

    It is possible to prevent this issue by associating the PO Line with the collection instead of the bibliographic record:

    1. Perform an "Electronic collection" search in the CZ
    2. Locate the electronic collection in the search results
    3. Click "Order"
    4. This will associate the PO Line with the collection
    5. When the collection is deleted, the descriptive record will also be deleted

    Performing an "All titles" search in the CZ and clicking "Order" will result in the PO Line being associated with the descriptive record. If the record is not Closed or Canceled, the descriptive record cannot be deleted.

    To delete the record when this issue occurs:

    1. Close the associated PO Line
    2. Delete the record by editing it in the MD Editor or by running the Delete Bibliographic Records job

    Additional Information

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    • Article last edited: 28-Oct-2019
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