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    Enabling Aggregate Lost/Overdue Notifications

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: April 2016
    • Relevant for Installation Type: select the relevant: Dedicated-Direct, Direct, Local, Total Care




    How to enable aggregating of  Lost/Overdue Notifications?

    As background for this question, the February 2016 Release Notes indicate:

    "Alma can be configured to send a single overdue or lost item notification to the patron listing all of the patron's overdue or lost loans. This can be used to replace the previous option where a notice was sent for each overdue or lost loan. Using this new option, the patron will receive a single notification for each notification type."


    1. Change the parameter "switch_to_overdue_and_lost_loan_new_job" to true. Found at: Fulfillment Configuration Menu > General > Other Settings,

    2. Enable letters accordingly (more below).

    3. Note that the name of existing job "Loans – Change to Lost" job is changed to "Loans – Overdue and Lost Item".



    Additional Information

    Letters will need to be activated in General Configuration Menu > Letter Activity:


    When using aggregated form, ensure these letters are active:
    - FulOverdueAndLostLoanNotificationLetter
    - FulOverdueAndLostLoanLetter


    When using non-aggregated make sure these letters are active:
    - FulLostLoanNotificationLetter
    - FulLostLoanLetter


    Enabling all letters is recommended. An earlier recommendation to disable any - is obsolete.  



    • Article last edited: 11-MAY-2016
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