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    How to export users from Alma

    • Product: Alma


    How can Users be exported from Alma?


    Users can be exported from Alma via the SIS Integration Profile:

    1. Configuration > General > External Systems > Integration Profiles
    2. Edit the Student Information System (SIS) Integration Profile
    3. Click the Actions tab
    4. There are two options for exporting users:
      • Export User by Conditions - generally used to export users that are blocked and/or have unpaid fines
      • Export Users - used to export old, inactive, or deleted users, or recently updated/created users
    5. Configure any desired settings for the export, such as User Groups or the output file path
    6. Save the profile after making any changes
    7. Reopen the profile and click "Run" for the desired export

    Additional Information

    For more information on exporting users, see our documentation in the Online Help and the Developer Network.

    • Article last edited: 14-Jul-2022