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How to define the due date for Resource Sharing Lending Requests?

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How can the due date for 'Resource Sharing Lending Requests' be set or changed?



The due date for lending requests has to be defined in the ‘Terms of Use’ attached to the 'Lending Resource Sharing' rules of the ‘Resource Sharing Fulfillment Unit’.

  1. Fulfillment Configuration Menu
  2. You are configuring: 'Resource Sharing Library'  
  3. Go to ‘Fulfillment Units’
  4. Choose ‘Resource Sharing Fulfillment Unit’
  5. Click Actions > Edit
  6. Go to the tab ‘Fulfillment Unit Rules’
  7. Choose Rule Type 'Lending Resource Sharing' 
  8. Click Actions > Edit to find the ‘Terms of Use’ assigned to this rule
  9. From the Fulfillment Configuration Menu > Physical Fulfillment > Terms of Use and Policy search for the Lending Resource Sharing TOU
  10. Click Actions > Edit
  11. Edit the due date to the date which you prefer




  • Article last edited: 11-May-2016
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