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    How to hide the Resource Sharing Request general electronic service and display an alternative GES for articles

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Alma

    Desired Outcome Goal:
    To hide the Resource Sharing Request GES for articles and instead display ILLiad for this format type.

    For articles create the following availability rules:
    Articles (rft.genre=article)
    Journal (rft.genre=journal)
    Book Chapter (rft.genre=bookitem)
    Conference Proceedings (rft.genre=proceeding)
    Technical report (rft.genre=report)
    Unknown (rft.genre=unknown)
    Document (rft.genre=document)

    For books, reverse this:

    Articles (rft.genre (DOES NOT EQUAL) article)
    Journal (rft.genre (DOES NOT EQUAL) journal)
    Book Chapter (rft.genre (DOES NOT EQUAL) bookitem)
    Conference Proceedings (rft.genre (DOES NOT EQUAL) proceeding)
    Technical report (rft.genre (DOES NOT EQUAL) report)
    Unknown (rft.genre (DOES NOT EQUAL) unknown)
    Document (rft.genre (DOES NOT EQUAL) document)

    Once this is done, create a new display logic rule with the following parameters:

    Hide service Resource Sharing Request if exists service General Electronic Service with Service = ILLiad for articles.

    Additional Information

    This example is for ILLiad, but the same format can be used for any alternative ILL system.

    Category: Alma - Fulfillment

    • Article last edited: 3/4/2015