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    How to link Alma local portfolios (standalones) to the Community Zone

    • Product: Alma


    How to link local Standalone portfolios to the Community Zone in order to enable automatic updates (linking, coverage, activation) - but yet keep the preferred local bibliographic information?


    Here are two suggestions:

    1. Use the "Link Local Portfolios to Community" button, available for standalone records, in a repository search on Electronic Portfolios.
    2. Add the Standalone portfolios to a Local Collection > link it to a CZ Collection > select "Link to Community":
      1. Create an Electronic Portfolio Set for the standalone resources
      2. Create a Local Electronic Collection
      3. Search this collection > "Edit Service" > Select the "Portfolios" tab > "Add from Set"
      4. Back in the repository search select: "Link to Community" > follow the menu (select the CZ Collection in which the CZ parallel portfolios are found, and decide if to use the CZ bibliographic information).

    This approach is clearly explained also in: How to link a set of portfolios to a community zone collection?

    Additional Information

    The match routine for this job uses either the ISSN or the ISBN identifier to confirm a match between the local portfolios in the electronic collection being linked with portfolios in the Community Zone.

    Quoted from the Online Help about "Linking a Local Electronic Collection to the Community Zone".

    NOTE: when you link a portfolio to the Community Zone (CZ) using “Link Local Portfolios to Community” you can only link multiple portfolios at one time, rather than just a single portfolio (all or nothing).
    You can link an individual portfolio to the CZ, but only if it's a standalone portfolio.
    If it's attached to an electronic collection, you need to remove the portfolio from the collection, then Link to Community.

    Using the Link Local Portfolios to Community in the Portfolios tab should not overwrite your local coverage. The local coverage statement will be preserved.

    • Article last edited: 19-Aug-2021