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    "Locate failed" shows for a Borrowing Resource Sharing Request - but inventory exists!

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Alma


    A borrowing library shows "Locate failed" messages for titles that we own. What would cause the resource sharing locate to fail?


    Reason 1 - Lender Record > Resource Sharing Library > Locate Settings

    *Borrower "locate" function looks at Lending's settings for 'locate fields' 

    *  No Locate fields checked (default): Alma compares LCCN then OCLC then (Title and ISBN)

    *  Locate checked: Fields checked are searched using Boolean 'and' between LCCN AND OCLC


    Reason 2

    *Value within the identifier fields do not match    (as of September 2016, locate fields are not normalized)

    * ex.  borrower ISBN  0803913060 (pbk.)

    * ex.      lender  ISBN  0803913060              

    * Result:  No Match due to  (pbk.)  on one record


    Reason 3:

    *Locate matches multiple records - One setting in Lender record for failing with multiple matches or zero matches


    Locate Fails Settings in Lender RS Library:

    *Checked:  Lender auto-rejects, borrower request moves on

    *Unchecked: Request stays in lender queue to be manually searched or rejected



    Category: Inventory - Alma

    Subject: Requests - Alma

    • Article last edited: 9/23/2016