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    No Restore Jobs option under Resources > Advanced Tools

    • Product: Alma



    Why doesn't a user that has the role of Repository Manager see the Restore Jobs option in Resources > Advanced Tools?


    The Restore Jobs option is not supported for institutions that belong to a Network Zone; if your site belongs to a Network Zone, you will not see the Restore Jobs link.


    Additional Information

    If 'Restore Jobs' is not an option for you due to your institution belonging to a Consortium's Network Zone, your deleted records can still be recovered by opening a support case!

    If you would like to pursue this option, please provide the  following information while opening your support case:

    • The Process ID of the Job that deleted the records
    • The date and time the Job finished.
    • A list of the MMS ID's belonging to the specific records you want restored that were deleted by that job.




    • Article last edited: 11-Sep-2017
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