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    No requesting from available holding

    • Product: Alma


    We have the fulfillment policy "No requesting from available holding" activated. Nonetheless users can request BIB records where items are available on shelf. Why is that?


    This may happen in BIB records with several HOL records. The setting "No requesting from available holding" rules that no item must be available in a holding record. So if there is another HOL record with only unavailable items, the request will be allowed.

    No requesting from available holding: no item under the BIB record can be requested when in all holding records there is an item available on shelf; if in any holding there is no item on shelf, the request is possible and will be attached to one of the items under this holding.

    If you want to disable requests when any item in the BIB record is available you need to activate the On Shelf Request Policy "No requesting" instead.

    No requesting: no item under the BIB record can be requested when at least one item is available on shelf, regardless of the holding record it belongs to.

    Note: This will work only if all holding records belong to fulfillment units with identical On Shelf Request Policies. If some holdings belong to FU with "No requesting from available holding" and others belong to FU with "No requesting", a title level request will pick the stronger of the two policies (which is "No requesting").


    • Article last edited: 28-Nov-2018