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    Normalization rule to delete a field unless it has a specific content

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Alma


    We would like to delete all 035 fields that start neither with "(OCoLC)" nor with "(LCCN)". How can we achieve that?


    Use the following normalization rule:

    rule "035 Tag"
    copyField "035" to "935" if (exists "035.a.(LCCN)*")
    copyField "035" to "935" if (exists "035.a.(OCoLC)*")
    removeField "035"
    copyField "935" to "035"
    removeField "935"

    Additional Information

    We need a workaround here because we have two conditions, and the IF command allows only one condition.
    Neither it is possible to use a WHEN condition because WHEN checks the entire record and will not change any field if it finds at least one field of the value "(OCoLC)" or "(LCCN)".
    Note that the above-mentioned rule involves the creation of a temporary field 935. Check in advance if field 935 is not in usage in your records! If it is, you need to choose another field here because otherwise desired content might be deleted. Contact Ex Libris Support if you do not understand what the above normalization rule is doing so that we can keep you from deleting content that is actually needed.

    Category: Resource Management - Alma

    • Article last edited: 5/15/2014