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OCLC Connexion error: Import failed. Reason: null

  • Product: Alma



When exporting bibs from OCLC Connexion, OCLC Export Gateway Status Message has error: "Import failed. Reason: null."  How to fix it?


There can be multiple reasons for a "null" error.


1. Merge Rule was deleted. The Integration Profile showed the rule as "not listed". To fix go to: Configuration > General > Integration Profiles > OCLC Connexion. In the "Actions" tab, link a valid merge rule.

2. In another case, the "‘Upload single record" profile did not exist in: Configuration > Resources > Other Settings.  The name of the profile should correlate to a Repository Import Profile already defined in: Resources > Import Profiles.


Additional Information

Click here for more about "Importing Records from OCLC Connexion".

And here regarding "Importing a Single Record".



  • Article last edited: 124-SEP-2019