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OCLC Connexion error: Import failed. Reason: null

  • Product: Alma



When exporting bibs from OCLC Connexion, OCLC Export Gateway Status Message has error: "Import failed. Reason: null."  How to fix it?


There can be multiple reasons for a "null" error.


1. Merge Rule deleted. Integration Profile showed rule as "not listed" (

2. "‘Upload single record" profile does not exist in Alma > Resource Management > Configuration Menu > Other Settings


Additional Information

To add an active Merge Rule:


1. Go to: General Configuration Menu
2. Click: Integration Profiles
3. Click: OCLC Connexion
4. Go to the "Actions" tab
5. Select an active Merge Method (Merge Rule)

6. Save, and retest.


To add "Upload single record" profile, go first to the list of import profiles. Identify the profile to be used when importing a single record.  Copy the name to memory.  Then go to Other Settings to paste the profile name into the "Upload Single Record" setting.



  • Article last edited: 10-AUG-2016