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    How to change orders submitted via API to not require manual review

    • Product: Alma


    When creating orders in Alma using the API integration (e.g. OASIS or YBP), the library must review and manually package orders, even though all orders are coming from a single vendor and should be packaged by the vendor. Is this necessary?


    The library should not need to manually package PO lines created via API integration. 

    Set the Default Purchasing Review rule to false via Alma Configuration Menu > Acquisitions > Purchase Orders > Purchasing Review Rules. The Output Parameters field should be set to False.

    When the Default Purchasing Review Rule is set to true, Alma allows nothing to go past the manual packing stage in the ordering process, skipping the auto packaging of these items. Since the orders should have been packaged through the vendor, there is no need to review these packaged orders in Alma. With the Default Purchasing Review Rule set to false, library staff only need to receive the item.

    This change does not affect other workflows. Items ordered outside of APIs will still need review and packaging.




    • Article last edited: 23-Apr-2020
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