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    PO is In Review but POL is already Closed. How to synchronize their status?

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Alma



    POs (purchase orders) are in status of "In Review", but the POLs (Purchase Order Lines) are already Sent or Closed. What to do?



    In some cases, this helped: 
    Find the POs, click "Edit", and select "Save and Continue". This will move the POs out of the status of InReview.


    In another case, this worked:

    • -- Create an itemized set of PO Lines >> add all the PO Lines for the PO equals to the relevant PO (use Add members)
    • -- Run the following Process automation (from Run Job):
      • Update PO Line workflow >> Reopen closed/cancelled PO Lines - Selecting this option will try to reopen closed or canceled PO lines and set them to 'In Review' after this job is executed.
      • Run the job again with "Save and Continue" option - this will move the PO Lines in the set to "Manual packaging"
        Pack all of them to the Same PO and "Save and continue" the PO – assuming that the PO Lines are "Purchased at vendor's system" they will not be sent to the vendor and will be closed (together with the PO)





    Category: Acquisitions - Alma

    Subject: Purchasing - Alma

    • Article last edited: 6/7/2014