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    PO is In Review but POL is already Closed. How to synchronize their status?

    • Product: Alma



    POs (purchase orders) have the status 'In Review,' but the POLs (Purchase Order Lines) are already Sent or Closed. What to do?



    In some cases, this helps:

    • Go to Acquisitions > Purchase Order > Review and search for the PO stuck 'In Review'
    •  Select 'Edit' from the ... (ellipses) menu
    • Click the 'Save and Continue' button.

    This should move the PO out of the status 'In Review'.


    In another case, this worked:

    1. Create a set of PO Lines
      • Add all the PO Lines for the PO(s) stuck in 'Review'
    2. Run the 'Update PO Line Workflow' job on the set (twice, with different parameters selected each time).
      • Go to Admin > Run a Job and select 'Update PO Line Workflow'.
      • Select your PO Lines set.
        • First time: select 'Reopen closed/cancelled PO Lines'.
          • This will try to reopen close or canceled PO Lines and set them to 'In Review' - to align their status with the PO.
        • Second time: Select 'Save and Continue'. 
          • This will move the PO Lines in the set to 'Manual Packaging.'
    3. Package all the PO Lines to the same PO and click 'Save and Continue' when editing the PO.  
      • Assuming the PO Lines have the acquisition method 'Purchased at vendor's system,' they will not be sent to the vendor and will be closed (together with the PO).


    • Article last edited: Oct-17-2018
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