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    Refresh of an Alma sandbox

    • Product: Alma



    How does a refresh of my Alma sandbox work? How do I request it?


    In a refresh the production data is copied to sandbox. This process does not interfere with production which remains fully operable, though sandbox is not usable during the process, which can take an entire day.


    Test scenarios in sandbox are not preserved.


    Premium sandbox customers are eligible for up to four refreshes per year. You may ask for a refresh once in a quarter.


    To request a refresh

    1. Open a Support case and note desired dates for refresh.
      • Note that a refresh is not possible when sandbox and production are on different versions (between the last Sunday of a month and the first Sunday of the next month).
      • A refresh request must be placed at least 30 days before the first desired refresh date, and refresh requests may not be placed for future quarter schedules.
    2. Support confirms date of refresh.
    3. Support transfers case to Cloud team.
    4. Cloud team performs refresh.
    5. When refresh complete, Cloud team returns the Case to Support.
    6. Support updates case to confirm success.

    • Article last edited: 23-Jan-2019
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