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    Remove Community Zone Bibliographic Records without Portfolios from the Institution Zone

    • Product: Alma


    Community Zone (CZ) records are sometimes found in the IZ (Institution Zone) without inventory (no portfolio). 

    How can the bibs be deleted from the IZ?

    This is seen especially post migration.

    Note that the CZ weekly updates will remove the bib if the last remaining portfolio is deactivated.


    The records can be found and deleted. 

    First, create a Set:

    1. Search for "All Titles" in the the Advanced Search
    2. "Add Conditions" and search for:
    -- "Has Inventory"
    -- "Is Linked"
    3. For "Has Inventory" select Equals and "No"
    4. For "Is Linked" select Equals and "Yes"
    5. Save the set
    6. Inspect it


    Next, the set can be deleted with the "Delete Bibliographic records" job:
    1. Select "Run a Job" (under Administration)
    2. Filter for type: "Withdraw"
    3. Select "Delete Bibliographic records"


    * Testing the process first on a small group of records is recommended, to ensure you are familiar with the process
    * It is possible to refine the search by adding more conditions. This will help ensure delete of the correct group of records.

    • Article last edited: 22-Sep-2016
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