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    Remove Community Zone Bibliographic Records without Portfolios from the Institution Zone

    • Product: Alma


    How can Community Zone (CZ) bib records be deleted from the Institution Zone (IZ)? This refers to both collection descriptive bib records, and legacy portfolio bib records.

    Such bib records can't be deleted directly from the Metadata Editor. What is a good solution?

    Please remember: 

    To delete bibliographic records, you must have the following role:

    • Cataloger Extended


    To delete individual records:

    1. Edit the bib record
    2. In the Metadata Editor > Record Actions > Copy to Catalog
    3. Then, in: Record Actions > Delete.


    To delete in batches:

    The records can be found and deleted by creating an All Titles Set and running the "Delete Bibliographic Records" job. 

    First, create a Set:

    1. Search for "All Titles" in the the Advanced Search
    2. "Add Conditions" and search for:
      • "Is Linked" - equal - Yes
      • "Has Inventory" - equals - No 
      • If you have a Network Zone, it is possible to search for "Linked Institution" (this search field will allow you to choose between records linked to the CZ or NZ)


    1. Save the set
    2. Always a good idea to inspect the set (Admin > Manage Sets > (...) > Results)


    Next, the set can be deleted with the "Delete Bibliographic Records" job:

    1. Admin > Run a Job
    2. Filter for type: "Withdraw"
    3. Select "Delete Bibliographic Records"
    4. As precaution - 
      • Select "Do not delete if related to other records"
      • Do not select "Delete all associated inventory resources"
    5. Confirm and run the job.


    Additional Information


    • Note that the CZ weekly updates will remove the bib if the last remaining portfolio is deactivated.
    • When deleting portfolios via the delete Electronic Collection process, the menu offers an option to delete bib records, should they have no other portfolio. 
    • Check the Online Help regarding: "Working with bibliographic records".
    • Deleting Unused Bibliographic Records in the Network Zone is explained on this page



    • Article last edited: 9-MAY-2024
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