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    Returning a requested item via self-check


    • Product: Alma
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    When a requested item is returned at a self-check machine, there should be a message to the patron returning the item.


    It is handled via the alert flag in the SIP2 protocol. If it is enabled (Alert = Yes in the Alma sc profile) Alma will set a flag in the response to the sc machine.
    Depending on the setup of the self-check machine it will display a message like “Please go to circulation desk” or “Please put the item in the red box”.
    If you already have the alert = yes in the Alma profile, we suggest that you check it on the SC machine or ask the supplier how this alert can be made visible.

    In addition, there is another setting in the integration profile, "Prevent requested items check-in", which will not only notify the patron but also block the return via the self-check machine so that the patron must go to the circulation desk.



    • Article last edited: 19-February-2016