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    SpineOmatic Java or Alma configuration error

    • Article Type: General
    • Product: Alma

    Problem Symptoms:
    Configured SpineOmatic as directed in User Manual
    Tried to connect
    ***** ERROR *****
    Can't connect to Alma Java:
    **Check Alma URL--It must start with http://

    Userid in configuration file is for Alma external user

    Change configured Alma userid to Internal user as external user's passwords are not accessible to Spine-o-matic

    Additional Information

    Required SpineOmatic Alma Configuration information:
    1. Alma INTERNAL user (the login and password in SpineOMatic must exist in the Alma user record)
    2. Alma internal user must have roles ?API Label Printing Read? and ?API Resource Management Read?
    3. Alma URL:
    where xxxx is the region code such as na01
    4. Alma Institution code: yyyy_INST
    where yyyy is the customer code

    Category: Alma

    Subject: Integrations-Alma