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    What are the relations between Institution Languages and Preferred Languages?

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    In Alma every user record has a preferred language field. What are the relations between this field and the setup of the institution languages.


    In Alma you can set up the available languages via General Configuration Menu > Institution Languages.


    In the user record you can select a language from a dropdown list under Preferred Language. This selection rules the language of letters that are sent to the user.


    Only languages that are activated under Institution Languages will be functional as Preferred Language. For example if you select Spanish as Preferred Language but did not activate Spanish in Institution Languages, no Spanish letters will be sent. Instead a letter in the default language (which is English for the majority of institutions) is sent.


    By the way, if you want to change the content of the Preferred Languages dropdown menu, contact Ex Libris Support. It is also possible to add languages here which are not available in Institution Languages yet - so you can select them for your customers and activate them all at once when the new language becomes available.



    • Article last edited: 28-Mar-2019
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