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    What does value "-1" mean for PO Line Reference in Analytics?

    • Product: Alma



    We have a report in Analytics on encumbrances by PO Line Reference. We see POLines with a number with -1. What does that mean? 


    For various fields in Analytics, the value "-1" stands for deleted data, or NULL data. It is a way for any information that was linked to it, to stay reportable in the reports.

    The development team explained this in further details, as follows:

    These -1 are part of maintaining database integrity, the '-1' must exist here because if we were to remove it then the entire line would be deleted from the report when empty.

    For example, if there was no process type for an item and you added process type to your query instead of showing those results with a blank in the process type column it would simply be excluded from the report. This is seen in several different parameters where this type of placeholder is necessary.

    Please feel free always, in case of doubt, to open a support case, and we will investigate further.



    • Article last edited: 17-MAY-2022
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