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    Why is Trial still in Draft status after I have Activated it?

    • Product: Alma


    A Trial is in Draft Status with an alert that says, "Resource for this trial was not activated." If I select Activate from Trial menu, I receive a confirmation (Activate may also not show up as an option). The POL for the Trial also says the resource is Active.

    Why is the Trial not Active?


    Trials cannot move from Draft stage unless the criteria for publishing a database is met: it must be linked to an unsuppressed Bib with a collection level URL.

    If you have not yet activated the electronic collection, the Activation Wizard will cover most of the steps below. But you will want to confirm that the following criteria have been met. 

    The electronic collection:

    • Needs to be linked to a Bibliographic record: Search for the Electronic Collection > "Edit Collection" button > tab "Additional" > field "Additional descriptive information" needs to be filled in
    • Needs to have a Collection Level URL:  Search for the corresponding Electronic Collection > "Edit Collection" button > tab "Additional" > Field "Level URL" or "Level URL (override) needs to be filled in
    • Needs to be unsuppressed: Search for the Electronic Collection, Action Menu (ellipsis button) >  "Edit Record" > MD Editor Menu > Tools > Set Management Tags > Uncheck Suppressed in Discovery > click Save Record icon


    Once you have done the steps above, you can either wait for the scheduled "Trials - Start and Notify Participants" to run or you can manually activate the Trial (Sandbox only). 

    If you'd like to activate the Trial manually, follow the steps below: 

    • Go to Alma Menu > Acquisitions > Purchase Order Lines > Manage Trials > Select the Trial > tab "Summary" > Set the Start date for the Trial to current date > Save
    • Go to Alma Menu > Admin > Monitor Jobs and Sets > Monitor Jobs > tab "Scheduled Jobs" > Filter: Acquisition > "Trials - Start and Notify Participants" job > Open the Action Menu (ellipsis button) > select "Run Now"


    • Article last edited: 15-May-2020