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    Widgets for Analytics Reports

    • Product: Alma


    Due to technical limitations, Ex Libris decided to block the option to configure "out of the box" reports (in the Alma directory of the OBI) as Analytics object widgets as of the Alma February 2019 release.  Analytics objects of type Widget, Report, and Scheduled report should be defined from the Analytics institutional directory and not from the Alma directory.

    If the Analytics report you want to use is in the Alma directory, copy the report to your institutional directory and define the Analytics object from there. For example, if your institution is named Alma University and you want to define the default out-of-the-box report Shared Folders/Alma/Acquisitions/Reports/Expenditure Per Acquisition Method as a widget, you should first copy it to a directory under Shared Folders/Alma University/ (such as Shared Folders/Alma University/Acquisitions). The report can be copied from one directory to another either by opening it in edit mode, selecting Save as, and saving it in the new directory, or by dragging it from one directory to another while ensuring that it remains in the previous directory as well (for example, by pressing the CTRL key).

    • Article last edited: 11.11.2018