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    How Do I Withdraw an Item with an Attached Purchase Order Line?

    • Product: Alma



    What do I do if I'm trying to delete or withdraw an item but the system says the item cannot be deleted or withdrawn because it is linked to a PO number? Can I remove the PO line number in the Physical Item Editor? What other ways are there to fix this? 


    In Alma, you can withdraw items that are linked to POLs that are not an active status (so POLs that are Closed or Cancelled). If your PO line is still active, the best thing to do is to close the POL. Alternately you can click on the “X” in the POL field of the General tab in the item information. However, if this is the last item attached to the holding, that results in an order that is not attached to any holding and you want to either relink the order to another holding and item or close the POL. If you withdraw items that are linked to open orders you risk leaving encumbrances in your funds that will not be released.


    • Article last edited: 12-Nov-2019