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    Z39.50 setup - what information to share so Alma be searchable via z39.50 ?

    • Article Type: Q&A
    • Product: Alma


    How to enable Z39.50 search in Alma? What information to give to external contacts?


    These are the elements which enable z39.50 search in Alma:

    Server: (for the European region) or (North America) or (for the APAC region)
    Base: your institution code

    No authentication needed, unless specifically defined in: General Configuration Menu > Integration Profiles > filter to Type: Z39.50 Server

    Port 1921 should be open for the whole world.

    Note: euXX and naXX should be replaced by your correct environment, e.g. eu01 or na02.



    Additional Information

    Only one integration profile today can be defined!  To read the Online Help click here


    • Article last edited: 17-Jul-2018