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    Browser and OS Requirements

    As a true cloud solution, using Alma only requires a browser. Alma supports all leading browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. We monitor new browser versions regularly and check their compatibility with Alma. Full browser support details are noted below.
    Ex Libris discourages using Alma or Alma-related products such as Leganto in multiple tabs of the same browser. To work with Alma in multiple tabs, open each in a different browser (e.g., one in Chrome and the other in Firefox).

    Browser Display Resolutions and Other Requirements

    Since Alma is a fully browser-based system, using the product on multiple devices is possible due to its responsive design. For the optimized experience, desktops, laptops, and tablets are recommended.

    The Alma user interface is designed to work with the following screen resolutions and monitors:

    • The minimum recommended monitor size is 17”. The preferable monitor size is 19”.
    • The minimum required view port is 1024x768. The recommended view port is 1280x800.
    • For all browsers, you must enable JavaScript, cookies, and TLS (version 1.2; earlier and later versions are not supported).

    Alma is mostly responsive but not optimized to be used on smartphones.

    Most Alma cookies are removed at the end of your browser session. For general information about Ex Libris cookies, see Cookie Policy.

    Cookies and Their Purpose

    Cookie Purpose
    Load balancer cookie to maintain persistency between the LB and our application.
    Beamer is a 3rd party service that provides users with relevant announcements according to their roles. The user id is hashed, and no additional private information is transferred.
    auth Holds the authentication method, either SAML/CAS used for determine session timeout
    Used to enable direct links when redirecting to login.
    Used to persist the institution code for the login and session validation process.
    JSESSIONID is a cookie generated by our container (Tomcat), used for session management of our WEB application.
    productCode The product the user is logged in. For example Alma or Esploro.
    Used to send aggregative statistics on page access. No PII is collected or sent.
    Session start time, used for managing session expiry.
    Session end time, used for managing session expiry.


    Browser Certification

    Ex Libris’ browser certification policy is based on industry usage statistics.
    The following table describes the certified browsers:
    Certified Browsers
    Browser Description
    Microsoft® Internet Explorer®

    Starting from the March 2021 release, Alma no longer supports the Internet Explorer® browser, no longer fixing potential display and performance issues on IE.

    Microsoft® Edge Microsoft® Edge is certified as a successor to Internet Explorer®.

    Ex Libris makes every effort to test and certify the most recent stable version of Edge on an ongoing basis.
    Mozilla® Firefox® Ex Libris makes every effort to test and certify the most recent stable version of Firefox on an ongoing basis.
    In addition, Mozilla offers an Extended Support Release (ESR), based on the official release of Firefox for desktops, for use by organizations—including schools, universities, businesses, and others who need extended support for mass deployments.
    Ex Libris will make every effort to test and certify the latest ESR version, after the overlap period between the older and newer ESR version is over.
    Google Chrome™ As with Firefox, Ex Libris makes every effort to test and certify the most recent stable version of Chrome™ on an ongoing basis.
    Google Chrome applies updates automatically.

    Safari is certified both for Apple OS and Ipad in Landscape orientation and for Mac operating systems.  

    As with the other browsers, Ex Libris makes every effort to test and certify the most recent stable version of Safari on an ongoing basis.

    • For staff users, Alma certifies browsers whose total usage (across all versions) exceeds 20% for a certain time, based on industry usage statistics.
    • Browser certification for Analytics may not be as updated as browser certification for Alma (since Analytics is using OAS Oracle Analytics Server), although we strive to ensure that updates for Alma are applied to Analytics as soon as possible.

    Browser Versions Not Certified

    Ex Libris may discontinue certifying a certain browser version based on its industry usage. Issues reported that are specific to a browser version that has been discontinued will not be actively investigated or corrected.
    Ex Libris gives prior notice when certification of a browser version is discontinued.

    OS Requirements

    If you use Safari on an iPad, Alma is supported on iOS 11 or later.