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    Configuring EDI Vendor Note Fields

    To configure acquisition methods, you must have one of the following roles:
    • Acquisitions Administrator
    • General System Administrator
    You can configure the descriptions for the vendor note fields that are sent to the EDI vendors in the ORDERS and CLAIMS EDI file.
    These actions are performed on the EDI Vendor Note Fields mapping table (Configuration Menu > Acquisitions > Purchase Orders > EDI Vendor Note Fields). By default, all of the note fields are enabled. To disable a note field or change the description, select Customize from the row actions menu. 
    Acquisition Methods New UI.
    EDI Vendor Note Fields

    Below is a list of the vendor note fields, with their default description and prefix information. 


    Field Name


    (New for May) access_model Access Model Prefix of the Access Model. 
    fund_description Fund description  
    line_type_name PO line type Prefix of the field PO Line type. For example, PO Line Type:
    receiving_note Receiving note Prefix of the field Receiving note. For example, Receiving note:
    reporting_code Reporting code Prefix of the field Reporting Code. For example, Reporting Code:
    rush Rush  
    secondary_reporting_code Secondary reporting code  
    tertiary_reporting_code Tertiary reporting code  

    The fields are available to select on the EDI Information tab of the Vendor page. See Configuring EDI for a Vendor.


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