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    Configuring Analytics to Display Network Zone Information

    You can create reports in Alma analytics containing information from the Network Zone. To configure this option, set a parameter in the Network Zone and in the member institutions.
    To configure the Network Zone:
    1. From the Analytics configuration page (Configuration > Analytics), select Analytics Networks Settings.
      Analytics Networks Setting
    2. Set the analytics_network_inventory_available_for_members to true.
    3. From the row actions, select Manage in Network.
    4. Select Save and Distribute.
    5. From the light-box, select Override member institution customization and select Confirm.
    To configure the member institution:
    1. From the Analytics configuration page (Configuration > Analytics), select Analytics Member Settings.
      Analytics Member Settings
    2. Set the analytics_network_inventory_available_for_my_institution to true.
    3. Select Save.
    You can now create reports that include Network Zone data.
    When creating reports with Network Zone data, use the fields from E-Inventory > Portfolio Details for Consortia. If you want to create reports that do not include Network Zone data, use fields from other dimensions and either filter the results to be just from your institution or include the Institution > Institution Code field in the report.
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