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    Contributing to the Community Zone – Electronic Collections of the Database Type

    Local electronic collections that represent databases can be contributed to the Community Zone for the wider use of the community. Electronic collections representing databases have no services or portfolios. The contributed content includes a bibliographic record that describes the electronic collection and the URL that is core to the database.
    This type of contribution to the Community Zone is processed in a manner similar to other materials contributed to the Community Zone. It is flagged with a status of Under Review, and Ex Libris staff check to confirm that the contribution meets the following minimal criteria:
    • The electronic collection is not already a part of the Community Zone
    • Satisfactory linking verification
    Once the contribution has passed this check by Ex Libris, the contributor is notified; and the collection becomes available for the wider community to use. Refer to the document Alma Community Catalog: Cataloging Standards, Policies, Rights, and Responsibilities for additional information.
    When community members activate an electronic collection of the type Database, the result is an electronic collection (including its bibliographic record) at the Institution Zone level which is linked to the Community Zone electronic collection.

    Creating and Contributing Database Electronic Collections

    Use the following procedure to create and contribute database electronic collections.

    To create and contribute database electronic collections:
    1. Follow the procedure for adding a local database in Working with Database Type Electronic Collections. In the Additional Information tab, minimally enter the Electronic Collection Level URL and the Additional description information (bibliographic record information). These two pieces of information are required for contributing the database electronic collection to the Community Zone.
      You must save the database electronic collection entry before you can contribute it to the Community Zone.
    2. Find the database electronic collection that you saved on the Repository Search page.
      Database Electronic Collection
    3. Select Edit Collection.
    4. Select Contribute and Continue. The Contribute to Community confirmation message appears.
    5. If Alma finds a match in the Community Zone for the contributed bibliographic record, you can choose to use the Community Zone record and replace your existing bibliographic record, or do nothing. In you choose to do nothing, the bibliographic record for the electronic collection will be the Community Zone-matched bibliographic record and your own local bibliographic record will remain.
    6. Select Confirm. Alma displays a successful contribution message and flags your contribution for review by Ex Libris.
    Anyone searching the Community tab for your collection sees the Under Review status until Ex Libris has completed the review and removed this status label.
    When other community members activate your database electronic collection (by selecting the Activate link in the Community tab search results), the Activation Wizard displays the Electronic Collection Level URL and Additional descriptive information that you entered. The same parameters are provided in the Local Electronic Collection Information section of the wizard in order to give the Community members the option to override the parameters provided in the Community Zone.