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Open Platform and Administration

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Open Platform & Administration


With comprehensive support for open standards and hundreds of REST APIs, Alma quickly integrates with your library infrastructure. Thousands of institutions make millions of API calls on the Ex Libris platform every day.

2021 H2

Language Support - Additional Languages

What’s New Highlights Impact
Search, Sort & Browse will be enhanced to support the special handling of diacritics for additional languages  
  • Alma's handling of language specific searching and sorting needs will be enhanced to include the following languages:​
    • Lithuanian​
    • Iceland​ic
  • In addition, the handling of Swedish and Norwegian special diacritics​ will be improved

Better support for Alma in specific languages

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Online Printout Improvements

What’s New Highlights Impact
Improvements to the online printout queue workflow
  • A visual indication will show how many pending printouts are waiting in the online printout queue

Improved efficiencies for handling pending printouts in the online printout queue

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Email and letter configuration sharing

What’s New Highlights Impact
Libraries will be able to contribute, copy and share xsl customizations for letters and printouts 
  • A new option to contribute an xsl customization will be added to the letter and printout list. 
  • As with other areas of contribution, the xsl customization will be available for other institutions to copy and reuse 
  • This will be achieved by adding new options to browse contributed xsl customizations, preview their format, and then copy the relevant customizations to the institution's list of letter and printout definitions



Institutions can take advantage of the work of the community rather than building letter configurations from scratch

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2022 H1

Z39.50 and SRU for locally managed Authority Records

What’s New Highlights Impact
Expand the support for Z39.50 and SRU  to include locally managed authority records. Existing Z39.50 and SRU services for incoming queries will be enhanced to also include locally managed authority records Better integration with 3rd party systems.

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Enhanced External Resource Search

What’s New Highlights Impact
Improved external resource search infrastructure and capabilities.
  • The search gateway infrastructure will be improved in order to better handle different languages and special characters
  • Improvements to the ongoing setup and management of external search targets 
Better integration with 3rd party systems.  Easier administration and configuration of external search targets

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2022 H2-2023

Enhanced Email and Letter Customization

What’s New Highlights Impact

A new graphic interface for the customization of letters and printouts will be introduced, in addition to the textual xsl customization capability

  • A new option to design letters and printouts graphically, in place of the xsl customization, will be added to the list of customizations

  • This new capability will allow formatting letters and printouts without needing to customize the layout and format using the xsl syntax

Easier administration and customization, without the need for knowledge of xsl

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Support Notes for Configurations

What’s New Highlights Impact

Many of the configuration entities will support the creation of staff user notes

  • A new option will be added to many configurations entities, allowing for staff to add notes

  • This will be possible in:

    • Code Tables

    • Mapping Tables

    • Fulfillment Definitions

Easier administration and configuration.  Staff will be able to add notes and log details of changes made and for what reason

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