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    What reporting options are available for digital usage?

    Alma Analytics supports a Digital Usage subject area, allowing for the generation of reports related to digital usage:
    It is possible to report on a number of different elements related to digital usage - e.g. the number of digital file view over a period of time.
    Or the number of digital downloads over a defined time period:

    Can reports on digital inventory be generated?

    The Digital Inventory subject area allows for creating reports concerning digital inventory. The subject area supports the following types of business questions:

    • How many files and remote representation do we have in the repository, grouped by library?
    • What is the last usage date of a specific file or representation?
    • What is the total number of file downloads for a specific file?
    • What is the size (in bytes) of a specific representation?
    • What is the most widely used representation access right for digital inventory?
    • How many representations and remote representations do we have in the repository by LC /Dewey classifications?

    An example of a report on top digital file views:




    Total views:

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