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    Physical Items

    What options are available for reporting on physical items?

    Using the Physical Items area (formerly Inventory), the Design Analytics user may create reports/dashboards for the Physical Items area and is able to answer the following types of business questions:

    • How many physical Items exists per Library/Location
    • List of all the titles based on their process type
    • Number of Physical Items per material type
    • How many times each item was loaned
    • What is the last date that the item was loaned


    Does Alma support reporting on historical events of physical items?

    The Physical Items Historical Events subject area allows for creating reports on historical events of physical items:

    • Item Transit Event
    • Item Temporary location Event
    • Item Process Status change events
    • Work Order Dept. Status change events

    This data offers the option of reporting on business questions such as:

    • Items that were in a temporary location any time over the past two years
    • The details of items sent in-transit in the past
    • The details of items that were in a temporary location in the past


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