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    Digital Configuration


    Can the metadata displayed in the Alma viewer be configured?

    Alma supports the option for configuring the metadata fields that are displayed when viewing digital content in the Alma Viewer. It is also possible to define the order in which these fields appear.


    Two configuration tables support this option - one for MARC21 and one for Dublin Core:


    Can the order of representation delivery services be configured?

    It is possible to define whether electronic or digital services appear first in the View It tab.

    Order of ViewIt Services.png

    It is also possible to define the order of digital services according to the available viewer. The definitions are set in the View Services configuration table by dragging the services and rearranging their order in the table.


    Can forms used for creating Dublin Core metadata records in Alma be customized?

    It is possible to customize forms that are used for creating Dublin Core metadata records that are used by staff when adding a representation or depositing a record.  

    Import Profiles

    Does Alma support import profiles for digital inventory?

    Alma supports import profiles specific to digital content:
    The inventory tab allows for defining options related to digital inventory:

    Does Alma support Excel as an Alma digital import physical source format?

    Excel is supported as a physical source format for non-remote digital import profiles:


    Digitization profile rules

    Does Alma support digitization rules?

    Digitization profile rules are a set of rules that determine the steps that digitization requests must follow depending on certain input criteria. For example,
    • A rule can be set so that partial digitization requests must pass through the steps of approval and copyright clearance, but do not need to be added to the inventory before the digital file is sent directly to the patron.
    • Another rule can be set so that full digitization requests must pass through all the steps: approval, copyright clearance, and add digital inventory.
    There is a default digitization profile rule that defines the workflow that must be followed when none of the configured digitization profile rules is met. This default rule can be modified.
    An example of a rule defined for all patron groups - except faculty:

    Can digitization rules related to resource sharing requests be defined?

    The Request Type option in a Digital Profile Rule allows for defining:
    • Borrowing resource sharing digitization request
    • Lending resource sharing digitization request

    Can rules for document delivery be defined?

    Electronic document delivery rules provide functionality that enables libraries to take portions of a resource and make digital copies of that portion only. These rules define the conditions under which libraries can perform this function.
    There are a number of Input parameters (e.g. User Group, Inventory Owner and Request Initiator), but only one Output parameter – True or False. an example of a rule can be seen in the following screen capture:

    Access rights

    How can access to digital content be configured?

    Access rights define the permissions that patrons have to request digital resources. By default,patrons have access to all digital resources. However, you can define rules for access rights that restrict patron access to specific digital resources. For example, for a specific digital resource, you can define rules that disable access in the following scenarios:
    • Patrons from a specified user group, such as undergraduate students
    • Patrons who access the resource from outside the university computer system, based on IP addresses
    • Patrons with specific user IDs
    Access rights are configurable at the representation level.

    Can Alma be configured to block file downloads?

    You can configure access rights to allow the display of digital files in the Alma Viewer, but block patrons from downloading the files from the viewer. The Allow View and Allow Download check boxes support this feature on the Access Rights Rule page. When the Allow Download check box is cleared, the Download button does not appear in the viewer.


    Are embargo criteria supported?

    Embargo criteria can be defined when creating access right rules. A common use of this criterion would be to block access to patrons for an item for a certain number of years after the publication year. An example of defining such a criterion can be seen in the following screen capture:

    Can display logic rules be defined for digital content?

    In addition to defining access rights, it is also possible to define a Display Logic Rule – for example don’t show the link to the master copy if a derivative copy exists:

    Does Alma check access rights policies in remote digital repositories?

    You can now configure Alma to check access rights policies in a remote repository and enforce the access rights when a user searches for the digital resource in Alma.To activate this option, select the Check access rights check box on the Delivery screen in the Remote Digital Repository profile:



    Can copyright statements be configured by the library?

    You can configure a copyrights statement for digital resources. This statement can be associated with an access rights policy to be displayed to patrons before they can view a digital resource.
    Two sample (out of the box) copyrights statements available for you to customize and use:
    Any number of copyright statements may be created:

    How is copyright clearance for digitization requests managed in Alma?

    You can set up Digitization Profile Rules to automatically trigger a copyright clearance approval task for each submitted digitization request, depending on parameters such as:
    • When was the digitized resource published?
    • How many digitization requests have been previously handled for the given resource?
    For example, a rule may be set up to as follows: "If the record is published after 1976 and two digitization requests have already been processed for this record, then create an Approval task".
    The digitization request will not be completed until the approval task is completed.
    Copyright management rules are defined as part of a Digitization Profile Rule:

    Can the copyright approval process be based on time span?

    Digitization profile rules can be configured to automatically affect the copyright and approval process according to the time span (in calendar years) and request type.
    Time span is based on the creation date of the matched copyright record entries.
    The outputs have options for controlling the workflow. You can set the approval and copyright clearance to continue in parallel to the digitization workflow, block the digitization workflow, or be automatically approved.

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