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    Administration and Infrastructure - June 2018 Enhancements

    Expand All Tabs in a Record List

    idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: On pages with record lists that have an Expand table action menu, the option Expand: All was added to this table. Use this option to expand all tabs on the page by default (previously, only one tab could be expanded by default on these pages).
    Search Results with All Tabs Expanded

    Select All Items for Itemized Repository Sets

    When adding items to a repository set after an All Titles search, you can now click Add All to add all items on all results pages to the set.
    Repository Search Results for Adding Items to an Itemized Set
    After you click Add All, click Confirm in the confirmation dialog box. If the number of items is large, the items are added to the set by running a Manage set members job. For more information, see Managing Search Queries and Sets.

    Additional Administration and Infrastructure Enhancements

    • The Resource Sharing library field on the User Details page is now a single, multi-value field that allows you to select multiple resource sharing libraries without a limitation of five libraries. See Adding Users.
    • Location codes now appear wherever locations do in the UI, for example in the dropdown in the advanced search and in the Physical Item Editor.
      Location codes in search dropdown list
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