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Alma June 2018 Release Notes

This Alma release provides numerous new features and enhancements. Some of these enhancements are a result of Idea Exchange or NERS initiatives.
Download a PDF of the Release Notes – Note that the PDF includes the online help pages that describe the core functionality of the new features.
Check it out! The Alma release notes are also available in a great new look and feel that provides enhanced search and filter options. Note that this new format will replace the current one as of the July release.

Make the Most of This Release

Action Items
Authority Control Task List – The addition of facets and filters to the Authority Control Task List enables you to focus on relevant changes, making it easier to manage cataloging maintenance tasks. 
Using the Other System Number (035) as Matching Criteria – The addition of this new matching method improves your ability to import records whose identification is based on the other system number 035 field using the portfolio loader.
Import Data from a Bursar System – Libraries that export patron fees to external bursar systems can now expand the bursar integration to include an import action as well. In this case, fees exported to the bursar remain active in Alma until feedback is imported from the bursar system indicating that the fee was paid.
Normalization Rules Creation for Dublin Core Records – The additional normalization rules support in this feature allows staff to automate MD normalization for Dublin Core records at various stages in the system.
Inventory Actions Added to MD Editor for Dublin Core Records – Inventory information and actions are available from the MD Editor for Dublin Core records, allowing staff to perform as many digital-related actions as possible from a single location. 
Internet Archive Book Reader – The newly embedded Internet Archive Book Reader enhances delivery capabilities, enabling full-text search in image files.

What's New

The following sections present the new and changed features in this release of Alma. For information on Primo VE new release features, see the Primo VE June 2018 Release Notes.


Resource Management

As of July, repository searches for Keywords, Creator, Uniform Title, Names, Subject, and Subject (LC) will be able to include matches to non-preferred terms in any associated authority records. For example, if there's an authority record Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich, 1840-1893 (MMS ID 98124867430000041) that includes Ciaikovsky as a non-preferred term, a search for Ciaikovsky will be able to find a matching bibliographic record linked to this authority record, even though the bibliographic record itself does not include the term. To activate this new functionality, you will need to enable a customer parameter that will become available with the June hotfix release, before the July re-indexing process takes place.

Digital Resource Management


Resource Sharing

Course Reserves


Administration and Infrastructure


  • The fields Chapter author, Chapter title, and Editor were added to the resource sharing borrowing and lending APIs so that they are now in line with the Alma UI.
  • The PUT and GET physical Item APIs were updated to support the new physical item's Physical condition field.
  • In a fulfillment network, a linked patron account can now be implemented using an API.
  • The Create Citation API now supports secondaryType for POST/PUT operations.

Known Issues

There are no known issues for the June release.

Next Release Sneak Preview

View a list of the features that are planned for the July 2018 release.
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