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    Next Release Sneak Preview (for July 2018)

    The features below are currently planned for the next release. However, some of these features may, for various reasons, not be included in this month's release, but rather in a future Alma release.


    • idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: Relink Purchase Requests – It will be possible to relink a purchase request to a different bibliographic record.
    • Enhanced Claims Task List – In the Claims task list, the Communications tab will be enhanced to include PO line information. The PO line will also be a searchable element in the tab.
    • Matching Purchase Requests to the Repository – The matching of purchase requests to the repository will be enhanced and will make use of import profile matching capabilities.

    Resource Management

    • idea_exchange.pngIdea Exchange: Test Access Functionality – The Community Zone Updates Task List table will include a new option to use test access functionality for portfolios and electronic collections.
    • idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: Validation when Creating an Authority Record – A validation will be added when creating an authority record, to prevent duplicates.
    • idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: New Filtering Option for Authority Control Task List  – The Authority Control Task List will have filtering options, such as the record’s brief level and linked inventory type.
    • Access to a Digital Viewer from the MD Editor – There will be a new option to open a digital viewer from within the MD Editor.

    Digital Resource Management

    • Copyright Declaration – Copyright declaration in multiple languages will be able to be displayed based on the user’s interface language. 
    • Waiver Statement – It will be possible to keep and view an exact copy of the waiver statement that was associated with a deposited representation.


    • idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange and NERS.png NERS Enhancement (Request ID #3856) Courtesy and Overdue Notices for Short Loans – It will be possible to generate courtesy and overdue notices for short loans by configuring the number of minutes before and after the due time for generating the notice.

    Collaborative Networks 

    • Other Details in the Network Tab – Records searched in the Network tab will now have an Other Details link with links to related records, reminders, and publishing information.

    Administration and Infrastructure

    • idea_exchange.png Idea Exchange: Recent Searches List – The recent searches list will be enhanced to display a longer list of recent searches, including non-repository search types.


    • A new API will enable retrieving the Fines and Fees report.
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