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    Resource Sharing - May 2018 Enhancements

    Populate Additional Information for Articles from the DOI or PMID Fields

    NERS.png NERS Enhancement (Request ID #3672): When a resource sharing request form for an article is submitted from Alma, Primo, or using the API, if the PMID or DOI is included, additional metadata now automatically augments the request. The augmentation will not be performed if the borrowing request is created from a broker system. The following fields are populated:

    • Article Title
    • Journal Title
    • Author
    • Volume
    • Issue
    • ISSN
    • Pages
    • Start Page
    • End Page
    • Publication Date

    When the metadata is added, an audit note is added to the request to indicate that the request was augmented.

    See Creating a Borrowing Request.

    Additional Resource Sharing Enhancements

    • Previously, the response that Alma sent for an ItemRequested NCIP v1 message was enclosed with <Response />. The response is now enclosed with <ItemRequestedResponse />.
    • The Start Page and End Page fields of the request are now included on the Ful Outgoing Email letter (letter code: FulOutgoingEmailLetter) and Ful Incoming Slip letter (letter code: FulIncomingSlipLetter). The letters can be further configured in the XSL to send editor and chapter details such as title and author.
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