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    2019 RN 11 MtM

    Download a PDF of the Release Notes and Resolved Issues

    Make the Most of November's Release

    Action Items
    ProQuest Ebook Central Integration Group Setting - If your institution manages distributed access to Electronic Resources and you have multiple ProQuest Ebook Central accounts, you can now setup automatic upload of Ebook Central holdings per account. For more information, see here.
    Authority Control Rules - Take control over Authority Control! You can now define the rules to determine when bibliographic records will be linked to authority records and better manage the Authority Control task list.
    Search Profile and Search Resources - Include the Network Zone and/or the Institution Zone in your Search Resources profiles for better user experience when searching and retrieving records using the MDEditor.
    New Link Resolver Service for Unpaywall Open Access articles - Provide your end-user with Open Access articles using Unpaywall service.

    Upcoming Issues to Note

    • The sandbox release date for the January 2020 release has been moved to December 15, 2019.
    • For those institutions that have an additional Alma or Primo VE Premium Sandbox environment that was allocated as part of the transition to the new Premium Sandbox Policy, please note that this additional environment will be deactivated as planned as part the upcoming January 2020 release. Your primary Premium Sandbox environment will remain active and will be refreshed as planned in February 2020 as part of the semi annual sandbox refresh. For more details see here.
    • Please note that in Alma Analytics, the Cost Usage subject area and its related features will be deprecated in January 2020. This includes:
      • The fields of the Cost Usage subject area that are available when selecting New > Analysis > Cost Usage
      • The out-of-the-box reports and dashboards for Cost Usage under /shared/Alma/Cost per Use/Reports and under /shared/Alma/Cost per use via COUNTER reports and acquisitions data
      • The folder Cost per use via COUNTER reports and acquisitions data
      When the Cost Usage subject area is deprecated, all reports that use this subject area will no longer work.
      Institutions that use reports from the Cost Usage subject area can do the following:
      • Take advantage of the over 30 new out-of-the-box reports in the /shared/Alma/Cost per use via COUNTER reports e-inventory and acquisitions data/Reports folder. These reports use the new Cost Usage of the E-Inventory subject area.
      • Use the out-of-the-box Electronic Cost Usage Dashboard (which uses the above reports) located in the /shared/Alma/Cost per use via COUNTER reports e-inventory and acquisitions data/Dashboards folder.
      • Make their own customized reports using the Cost Usage dimension of the E-Inventory subject area.

    GuideMe Step-by-Step Walk-Thrus

    Starting December 4, 2019, take advantage of our new GuideMe walk-thrus in your Sandbox! GuideMe is a help tool layered over Alma, providing step-by-step guidance enabling you to get just-in-time help on selected workflows. In the January 2020 release, these flows will be segmented by role displaying flows relevant to your role in your institution. Additional GuideMe flows will be added on an ongoing basis.

    Password Migration Period to IDP

    As previously announced, the password migration period to the Ex Libris Identity Service ends on December 31, 2019. In January 2020, all internal user passwords will be deleted from Alma. As a result, internal users that did not log in during the migration process, will be required to create a new password. For more information, please see here.

    Next Release Sneak Preview

    Select here to view the next release sneak preview.

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