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    Removal of Passwords from the Alma Database

    • Product: Alma
    • Product Version: January 2020 Release
    • Relevant for Installation Type: N/A



    In Jan 2020 Ex Libris will be removing all passwords from the Alma database. This is in continuation to the move to Ex Libris Identity Service which started Jan 2019

    This will only affect users who haven't logged in since the beginning of 2019. However, if you have Primo/PDS which hasn't been upgraded for some time, there could be active users which still have password in Alma's DB. This will only be users whose passwords are not strong enough to be written into the Identity Service automatically.

    If you use Alma’s deprecated SOAP APIs, the password of users used for Authentication needs will need to be manually updated.


    Institutions that want to prepare for the upcoming password removal can do one of the following:

    1. Add a "forgot password" link to Primo which will be useful also for users without password:'Forgot_My_Password'_link_to_the_login_page_in_the_new_UI_when_using_Alma_for_authentication

    2. Create a list of the relevant users using an Analytics report and send them an email using the Update/Notify Users job (with a link to page where they can create a new password).

    You can create the Analytics report from the "Users" subject area with the filters "User Type" = "Internal" and "IdP Service in Use" = No.

    3. Do none of the above, and the patrons who can't login will approach a librarian who will set a new password for them.


    • Article last edited: 27-Nov-2019
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