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    Next Release Sneak Preview

    The features below are currently planned for the next release. However, some of these features may, for various reasons, not be included in this month's release, but rather in a future Alma release.


    • Enhanced Acquisitions Order Record Search Options – New enhanced PO line search options will enable a more precise order record retrieval as well as the creation of better and more accurate PO line sets.
    • Multi Year Negotiation License – When an institution uses a Network Zone-managed multiyear negotiation license, it will be able to manage registering a price per year as well as a price increase. These fields will affect the calculated price when the PO line is renewed in the institution.
    • Update the PO Line’s Expected Receipt/Activation Date When Claiming – New functionality will recalculate the PO line’s expected receipt/activation date after a claim is sent. In this way, additional claims can be sent at the time of the new expected date.
    • COUNTER in Alma – When an institution creates a local SUSHI account, it will be possible to contribute this local SUSHI account to the Community Zone as a certified SUSHI vendor.

    Resource Management

    • Enhance General Publishing to Support Authority Records – The general publishing platform will be enhanced to support the publishing of authority records.

    Digital Resource Management

    • Customizable DC Forms – Administrators will be able to create metadata forms for DCMI-family schema, to be associated either with a staff-mediated deposit or adding a representation.

    Resource Sharing 

    • Status Query and Report – It will be possible to trigger a status query for both borrowing and lending requests and to automatically generate a status report when receiving a status query.


    • Anonymize Patron Data in Analytics Reports – The analytics_anonymize_user_details parameter allows for the anonymization of a patron’s private data in Analytics reports. This parameter, currently available for Network Zone reports, will become a general option available for all levels of Analytic reports.


    • Support Sharing of Templates Across the Community – A new Contribute action will be added to the MD Editor templates, allowing for the sharing of record templates.
    • Support for Sharing Publishing Profiles in the Network Zone/Community Zone – A new Contribute action will allow for the sharing of general publishing profiles.


    • API for Deleting Holdings Records – The new API for deleting a holdings record will be similar to the existing Delete BIB API. It will use the same logic as UI/batch deletion, so that when the last holdings is deleted, a policy will determine whether to suppress or delete the bibliographic record.
    • Discovery APIs – A first set of APIs will be released as part of a process to supply a full set of APIs for using Alma delivery options with third-party discovery tools. More APIs will follow in future releases.
    • Webhook for Loans and Requests – The Webhooks integration profile will be enhanced to support changes to loans (check-in/check-out, and so forth) and requests (placed/canceled/on hold shelf, and so forth.).
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