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    Resource Sharing - May 2017 Enhancements

    Separate Requestability/Availability Check on a Locate Profile

    The locate process now checks the requestable and loanable statuses separately, instead of considering the locate action a success only if both statuses are true.
    Locate Profile Step 2 Availaibility and Requestability Highlighted.png
    Locate Profile
    For more information, see Adding Locate Profiles.
    Existing profiles that have the Check availability/requestability check box selected will automatically have both new parameters selected. 
    The resource sharing library can also be configured to automatically reject incoming requests when the items are neither requestable nor loanable.
    Library summary RS rejects highlighted.png
    Resource Sharing Library Summary
    For more information, see Configuring Libraries.

    Additional Resource Sharing Enhancements

    • The Primo resource sharing form can be customized so that the Maximum Fee field won't contain currency. This is done by setting the rs_add_currency_to_mashup_form customer parameter to false. For more information, see Customizing Primo Resource Sharing Request Forms.
    • A new customer parameter, rs_display_items_not_requestable, can be configured to display or suppress items that are not requestable in the physical services list in Manage Fulfillment Options of lending requests. The default value of this customer parameter is true. See Configuring Other Settings (Fulfillment).
    • Checked in items are now displayed in the Items tab of the lending request after they are checked in with a process type of Checked In.
    • A new check box, Ignore Lender Shipping Cost, was added to the resource sharing partner parameters for ISO partners. When it is selected, the borrower's set cost will be used. When it is not selected, the lender-side costs override the borrower's cost. Note that when the check box is not selected, the borrowing institution's cost is overridden even if the lender has not communicated a cost value—that is, it will be considered as if a value of 0 is communicated to the borrower. See ISO Parameters.
      Resource Sharing Partner Parameters Ignore Lender cost highlighted.png
      Resource Sharing Partner Parameters Page
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