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    Next Release Sneak Preview

    Resource Management

    • NERS.png A NERS Enhancement: Enhance Lists with MMS ID – The MMS ID will be added to staff search options such as Titles (all, physical, electronic, digital), Electronic collections, and Physical items.
    • Improved Authority Headings Display (F3) – Additional display elements will be added to the Authority Headings display. The specific subfields will be predefined in the system, but you will be able to choose which subfields to display in the list.

    Digital Resource Management

    • Check Access Rights by Callout to a Local DAM System – Alma will be able to call an external system to check allowed access rights. This is being implemented initially with Rosetta.


    • NERS.png A NERS Enhancement: Improved Renew Options – Alma will now be able to save and display a Last Renew Status and Last Renew Date. Every renew attempt on a loan will populate this information on the loan record, which can then be displayed in the loan list.
    • Change of Location When Loaning a Reading Room Loan – It will be possible to configure a reading room desk with a location, so that when an item is loaned at the desk it is automatically moved temporarily to this location.

    Resource Sharing

    • Print Slip Option to Receive Interface – A check box will enable automatically printing a receive slip for every checked-in item. It will also be possible to separately configure the slip that is triggered for a resource sharing received item. 


    • Social Login - Option to Disconnect Account – A menu option will enable staff to disconnect a logged in user from his/her social account, thereby removing the social network ID from the list of IDs.


    The following APIs will be introduced:
    • New GET APIs for retrieving electronic services and electronic portfolios
    • An API to change a logical set to an itemized set
    • New APIs enhancing the real-time ordering integration with vendor systems such as Coutt’s OASIS:
      • The GET funds API will be able to take into account an additional amount to be encumbered, as an optional parameter.
      • In the New Order API integration profile, there will be a new section Validation of Order Information, with a subsection Do not create the order in case of that will deal with fund-related issues.
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