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    Analytics - December 2016 Enhancements

    Enhancements to Course Reserves Subject Area

    The following enhancements were made to the Course Reserves subject area to allow for the creation of more comprehensive reports concerning Course Reserves.
    • The Leganto Reading List Section dimension was added, containing the following fields:
      Leganto Reading List Section
      For more information, see Leganto Reading List Section.
    • The following fields were added to the Reading List Citation dimension:
      Reading List Citation Fields
      For more information, see Reading List Citation.
    • The following fields were added to the Reading List dimension:
      Reading List Fields
      For more information, see Reading List.

    Institutional Analytics Profile

    In February 2017, Alma comparative benchmark Analytics will be released. As part of this feature, an institutional Analytics profile will be used. Although the full feature will not be available until February, beginning with the December 2016 release, you can configure an institutional Analytics profile.
    Note that the value of benchmark Analytics increases as more institutions participate. As the data from multiple institutions increases, the KPIs in benchmark Analytics become more representative of the entire community and more indicative of library activities. We therefore strongly encourage users to fill out the institutional profile and take part in comparative benchmark Analytics.
    The profile is available at Administration > Analytics > Configuration Menu > Institutional Analytics Profile. To configure the profile, you answer a series of questions:
    benchmark analytics.png
    Configuring Institutional Analytics Profile
    If you confirm the use of the anonymized statistical data (such as average time for order receipt, number of physical items, and so forth) from your institution in the aggregated data used by Alma comparative benchmark Analytics:
    • All statistical data is anonymized and aggregated and contains no personal data or detailed transaction data. There is no way of identifying this data per institution.
    • This aggregated and anonymized statistical data will be used only within the same regional data center as the institution, and will not be transferred outside the data center.
    • It will not be possible to create benchmark Analytics reports across regional data centers.
    • You will be able to create the benchmark Analytics reports.
    If you do not allow your anonymized statistical data to be aggregated, you will not see any statistical data in Alma comparative benchmark Analytics.

    Additional Analytics Enhancements

    • The Approval Reason field was added to the Citation Copyright dimension of the Course Reserves subject area. It contains the approval reason of the copyright.
      Approval Reason
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