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    Administration and Infrastructure - December 2016 Enhancements

    Restore Updated or Deleted Records 

    You can restore records that were removed or changed by the following jobs:
    • Withdraw items
    • Delete portfolios
    • Delete bibliographic records
    • KORMARC/Marc21/UNIMARC normalization
    • Change holdings information
    • Authorities-preferred term correction
    For more information, see Restoring Jobs.

    Additional Administration and Infrastructure Enhancements

    • The functionality of the EnvelopeFrom parameter was replaced by the new mail handling integration profile. For more information, see Configuring Outgoing Email. For customers that had the EnvelopeFrom parameter defined, Ex Libris has added an integration profile with the same value defined in the profile.
    • If more than 50,000 changes are to be performed in the Community Zone by the Synchronize Changes for the Community Zone job, Alma launches an additional job to handle the rest of the changes. The name of each additional job now contains the position of the job in the sequence (part 2, part 3, and so forth).
    • On the User Details page, the IdP option in the Send Message drop-down has changed to Update/Reset on IdP. Additionally, the letter is now available to users with the USER_MANAGER_UPDATE_PASSWORD privilege, who can send the letter to all users, or users with the USER_MANAGER_UPDATE privilege, who can send the letter only to patrons. The prefix az has been added for all randomly generated passwords.
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