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    Resource Sharing - August 2016 Enhancements

    Customizing Primo Resource Sharing Forms

    For resource sharing request forms in Primo, fields can now be moved, made mandatory, or hidden from the patron's view. A new mapping table defines which fields are visible. The mapping table's visibility is controlled by a new parameter, rs_use_new_mashup_form. For more information on the parameter, see Configuring Other Settings.
    For detailed information about configuring the mapping table, see Customizing Primo Resource Sharing Forms.

    Excluding Items from Resource Sharing

    It is now possible to define item policies to indicate that the item should be considered unavailable for a resource sharing request. See Configuring Item Policy Exceptions.

    Language Field in Resource Sharing Requests

    The language for materials in a resource sharing request may now be selected for both borrowing and lending requests. The requested language is automatically communicated from the borrower to the lender and is displayed on the lender's request form as well. If email communication is used, the language element may be added to the email letter based on the Requested_language element that has been added to the FulOutgoingEmailLetter letter.
    NCIP peer-to-peer messages will now include the language code if a language was selected in the request. 
    To select which languages are available in resource sharing request forms, see Configuring Resource Languages.
    In the resource sharing request, the configured languages appear in the Language drop-down list.
    Borrowing Request
    The language field is also available in Primo resource sharing requests. It is hidden by default but may be enabled (see Customizing Primo Resource Sharing Forms).
    The language field is available in the Primo form only when the rs_use_new_mashup_form parameter is set to True to display the customizable request form.
    Primo Borrowing Request

    Additional Resource Sharing Enhancements

    • For borrowing requests in Ready to Be Sent or Created Borrowing Request statuses, a new partner can now be added to the rota in the first position (in addition to existing options for adding a partner after another partner or at the end).
    Borrowing Request Rota Tab
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