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    March Sneak Preview

    The features below are currently planned for the next release. However, some of these features may, for various reasons, not be included in this month's release, but rather in a future Alma release.


    • Update to the Combined Usage information - The "Combined usage (last 12 months)" information that appears in the "Other details" tab of electronic portfolios will use COUNTER release 5 usage metrics (instead of COUNTER 4 usage metrics).
    • Additional Scheduling Options for Incoming EDI and PO Packaging Jobs - Two new scheduling options will be added to the existing scheduling options for both the EDI incoming and PO packaging jobs. This will allow institutions to send orders and receive invoices several times a day if desired.
    • Replace Resource Option for Electronic PO Lines - When editing an electronic PO line (Collection/Portfolio), users will have the option to detach the existing resource from the PO line and replace it with another electronic resource from the Institution, Network or Community Zone.
    • New "Use Existing Record" Match Action - Institutions utilizing the "New Order" import profile will have the ability to create the PO line from the imported file under an existing Bibliographic record (if a match was found) without modifying the bibliographic record (new "Use Existing Record" option). This is an addition to the already existing options of Merge/Overlay/Do Not Import/Import new record.

    Resource Management

    • Rules in the New Metadata Editor - In March release you will be able to manage your rules in the new metadata editor as well as creating new ones. With the addition of the rules model all metadata management capabilities will now be available in the new metadata editor and as such it will become the default editor.
    • Improved Heading Search in the MD Editor and Advanced Repository Search - Browsing bibliographic headings has been enhanced, making it easier to find related bibliographic records. It will also allow for easy navigation to the search result in the repository search. In addition, in the advanced search the user will be able to use a special heading info component for an accurate search of relevant titles.
    • Community Zone Update Task List Improvements - The Community Zone task list will include additional details, facets and better navigation between electronic resource management entities and relevant Community Zone updates. This will ensure better transparency about Community Zone ongoing updates that might affect the management of electronic resources.
    • Overlap Analysis for Customer with Distributed Electronic Resources - Customers with Distributed Electronic Resources will be able to use the Overlap Analysis tool for electronic collection analysis.


    • Primo My Account Refresh of Fulfillment Network Linked Accounts - In a Fulfillment Network, a patron’s linked account will be automatically refreshed when accessing Primo’s My Account page.
    • **Idea Exchange** “Date needed by" information on a patron request will be reflected as the hold shelf expiry date - The "Date needed by" field which can be populated by the user when placing a request will be reflected as the "Expiration date" when the item is placed on the hold shelf. This will save libraries the need to keep items on the hold shelf when the user no longer needs them.

    Resource Sharing

    • NERS Enhancement - Fulfillment Renew Before Resource Sharing Renew - A library policy will enable to automatically renew the loan of a resource sharing item before the lender approval is received, preventing unnecessary overdue situations.
    • Recall Option for SLNP Users - It will be possible to set Alma to send recall emails if an item that has been shipped to an SLNP partner is recalled by a local patron.
    • **Idea Exchange** Exact Time Added to Resource Sharing Task Lists - Resource sharing borrowing and lending task lists will display the exact time of request creation and modification.


    • Improve usability of Letters configuration table - The Letters configuration will be further improved with new filters and search capabilities, allowing you to more easily manage and update the letters and printouts in your organization.
    • **Idea Exchange** Campus name supported in preferred language - To better support sites using multiple languages, the campus definition will be enhanced to support setting different names for different languages.


    • Support multiple denied notes - This feature will allow institutions to display a different denied note for signed out and signed-in users, for digital resources that are assigned an access rights policy.
    • Digital Quick Access for mobile - The quick access service for digital records in Primo VE will also be available on mobile platforms.
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