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Alma Digital


The Alma Digital training series walks through the process of using the Alma Unified Resource Management (URM) framework to manage your digital resources in Alma. This training is intended for Alma customers who have purchased the Alma Digital add-on for managing digital collections directly in Alma.


Bulk Workflows

  1. Asset File Naming Conventions (4 mins)
  2. Preparing Metadata Files (choose one)
  3. Creating Import Profiles (choose one)
  4. Using the Digital Uploader (10 mins)

Digital Deposit Workflows

  1. Submitting Patron and Staff-Mediated Deposits (10 mins)
  2. Approving Patron Deposits (8 mins)
  3. Creating Deposit Profiles (7 mins)


Digitization Request Workflow

  1. Digitization Requests (10 mins)


Integrating a Remote Repository

  1. Import Metadata of Digital Records from a Remote Repository (7 mins)
  2. Migrate a Digital Repository to Alma (5 mins)

General Administration

  1. Configuring Viewer Services (12 mins)

Digital Deposit Administration

  1. Customizing Labels, Reasons, and Templates (7 mins)
  2. Configuring Dublin Core Forms (10 mins)
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