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Keep Up With Alma Previous Editions

Sept 2019 New Letter Functionality

The September 2019 release includes new and improved functionality for editing letters.

See Letters - Letter Configuration in Alma for additional details, including a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) user experience when editing the XSL of the letters.


August 2019 My Electronic Resources by Provider

Did you know that as of the August 2019 release it is possible to quickly and easily view which ProQuest collections you should have access to?

Using the "My Electronic Resources by Provider" you can see the status of each collection and activate those which need to be activated.

See My Electronic Resources by Provider to learn more about this powerful new feature.


July 2019 FTP Analytics Reports

Are you integrating with a third party system and need to supply the system with data from Alma on a regular basis?

Now in addition to the APIs, integration profiles, and publishing options it is also possible to export an Alma Analytics report in Excel, text and pdf format as a scheduled report to an FTP server.

Learn more about this powerful new feature in the July 2019 release at How to automate the process of sending an Alma Analytics report to an FTP server.


July 2019 DARA Recommendation

2 new recommendation types are now available:

  •  Review electronic collections with unavailable portfolios
  •  Verify funding before creating orders by API

These recommendations will help you better manage your inventory in a more efficient way.

To learn more about DARA see DARA: Data Analysis Recommendation Assistant


June 2019 Change funds in invoice lines in batch mode

To learn more about this great time saver see How to add or replace funds for multiple invoice lines of an invoice


May 2019 Recieve multiple PO Lines at Once

Did you know that from the Receiving Workbench it is possible to receive multiple PO lines at once?

To learn more about this great time saver see How to receive multiple PO Lines in Batch Mode.


April 2019 Alma Analytics reports to identify items for delection (weeding)

A new Alma Analytics report in the Physical Items dashboard can help you easily identify candidates for weeding.  

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